Sunday, September 2, 2012

My twin son’s 8th birthday cake

This year my boys birthday theme was a combination of The Avengers w/Spiderman and Angry Birds.  We dubbed it Angry Avengers lol!!  Anyway I had to find a way to turn these two pictures into a cake….

I decided that I was going to make the characters out of rice crispy treats and cover them in fondant.  I went to work….

I made these a week in advance to give them enough time to set and be dry enough to handle without harming them.

Next I planned their cake.  I decided to do a patriotic red, white and blue cake.  Can’t have a labor day birthday and NOT have a patriotic cake!
Here is the finished cake….
Bottom tier is a chocolate mousse cake covered in red fondant, blue stripes and white stars.
Middle tier is a white almond sour cream (WASC) cake covered in white fondant with red stripes and blue stars.
The top tier is a banana cake covered in blue fondant with white stripes and red stars.
I have to send a shout out to 2 people.  First I’d like to thank the best cake class teacher EVER, Mrs. Phyllis Farrell.  I took all 4 of the Wilton Cake Decorating Courses and she was my instructor for all the classes.  Without this AWESOME lady, I would NOT have been able to create such an AMAZING cake for my boys.  If you have a Facebook page, stop on over to her page to check out her BEAUTIFUL cakes and don’t forget to “Like” it!
Next up, the person that I got the recipes from also.  Her name is Edna De La Cruz and she is a professional master baker and she does some of the most amazing cakes I have ever laid eyes on.  She has a website and you can find many great recipes and tutorials there.

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