Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tea time

Just put the finishing touches on a cake.  Yellow butternmilk cake with vanilla buttercream...

Isn't that pretty!?

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Coffee Filter Roses

I treated myself to a dozen of these for my front window when I redecorate it.

Wedding Cupcakes

I was hired by two very dear friends of mine to do their wedding cake.  I hosted a tasting yesterday for them and prepared the three flavors they requested as well as a twist or two on the regular ol icings.

First I made them a chocolate cupcake topped with a chocolate, vanilla, maple icing, the second one I made them was a VERY vanilla cupcake pared with a vanilla bean and maple buttercream icing.  The third and now my personal favorite one was an apple pie cupcake.  This was a cinnamon cupcake that was hollowed out and filled with homemade apple pie filling topped with a caramel swiss buttercreme and caramel sauce.

Yes I know some of these cupcakes don't match what was mentioned above but they are the flavors, I just mixed and matched the flavor cupcakes to other icings to give my friends some other flavor options as well as to show them that the icings will work well with different cupcakes.

Isn't that the most beautiful cupcake you have ever seen?