Saturday, July 16, 2011

Silver Knights...Graduation Cake for Joey!

My niece Katie and I just got done making a cake for her brother's high school graduation.  They waited until summer to have his party because they wanted to have it at a pool hall and this is the cake that Katie designed.  This is absolutely ALL her creativity, I only helped her put it together.  Oh ok, I may have made a few minor suggestions but it was 97% her creativity!  It really is an awesome cake!

Her brother plays guitar, was on the baseball and swim teams, and took a film and film production in high school.

Congrats Joey!!  You deserve it kiddo!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cement Mason "Daddy DeNiro" Cake

My niece Katie wanted to make a special cake for her Dad, Joe's, 61st birthday and after looking at a few fondant cake books she came up with an awesome idea for a really fun cake.  I guess you can call it the Cement Mason cake.  His nickname is "Pops" and sometimes they refer to him as "Daddy DeNiro" and here is his cake.....

We both worked on putting him together.  It is a cupcake "pull apart" cake covered in green butter cream grass.  Has a fondant pond with fish, napping kitty, pavement, "happy bday sign, flowers, and everything is surrounded with the fondant stones as well.

Happy Birthday Joe...enjoy your cake!