Sunday, April 29, 2012

Catch up….

Ok to catch you guys up on what I have worked on since Sept…here goes.

February I took the 4th and final Wilton Cake Decorating Class.  It was called Advanced Gumpaste Flowers.  This was what I learned how to do in class….

I also did a a few calla lilies and a tiger lily

Valentine’s Day I did s heart shaped cupcake pull apart cake

Here is the Simpson’s Valentine’s cupcake pull apart cake I did

I did a tennis racket cupcake pull apart cake

What was suppose to be a #4 cake turned out a bit wrong (MY FIRST REAL BLUNDER) but still pretty and tasty, which IMHO is all that matters

I did a few spring blossom cupcakes for the kids at school

I tried my hand at an edible centerpiece for Easter this year for my table.  Everything but the flowers was edible.

Here are the Easter Bunny Cupcakes I made for the kids in school

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