Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tea anyone??

My niece Katie was in charge of coordinating a Bridal Shower for a friend of hers and we were looking through some cake books and we saw a really pretty teapot cake that we were going to attempt to replicate. 

This is a picture of our inspiration cake.....

This is the replicated cake.....

I couldn't do all the tiny tea cups and teapot on the top so I simplified the teapot topper.  Also couldn't find the pearls for around the edges, so I just piped a border.  Like with ALL firsts, a few mistakes and imperfections are visible but next time it will be better.  :-)

If you are interested in a teapot cake for a bridal shower, little girl's birthday party or even a ladies tea time luncheon....give CakeChic a call at 215-284-3948.

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