Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rapunzel Cake

Met a really sweet lady at the pediatric dentist one day and after chatting a while I gave her my card.  One day she called and needed a Rapunzel (from the Disney's Tangled Movie) cake for her daughter's 7th birthday.  She wanted bling also.  I tried my very best to make her daughter's day special...

Happy 7th Birthday Jessica.
I am so glad your party turned out GREAT!!!
Your Mommy is one awesome lady!

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  1. Jeanne just made my daughter's Rapunzel cake for her 7th B'day. There are a lot of positive things I thought about writing but decided to comment on two things that I appreciated the most. The first thing that impressed me was the size of the cake, very substantiave and well worth the price which wasn't that much more than what I'm used to paying for a supermarket cake. Second thing that I noticed was how thoughtful and detail oriented Jeanne was(is). We exchanged a bunch of emails and had a few phone calls about the cake which, to me meant that Jeanne cared about not only the cake itself but WHO the cake was for! My daughter is my only child and means the world to me so working w/a caring professional is very important when it comes to my child or anyone else's child! Thanks Jeanne for your hard work but thank you even more for caring! Great job! I'm gonna go now and have another piece of your delicious cake!