Saturday, May 7, 2011

Nephew's Birthday Cake

So my nephew's birthday is today but we surprised him Wednesday night , with a dinner and cake party.  His g/f Katie took him out Tuesday night so I could finish his cake.  He wanted a banana, chocolate mousse, strawberry shortcake and it was a success....well sort of a success!!  Oh how upset I was that his cake wasn't perfect.  I thought I had it nailed since his practice cake came out PERFECTLY!!!  Here is the practice one...

 Ok so the cake was perfect when I poured the chocolate ganache over it....I turned around to clean up a bit and when I returned to the cake, it turned into FrankenCake!!  eeeekkkk!!  What a disaster!

So I attempted to fix it....really no biggie...right??  This is what it looked like when I hid it in the fridge for the night.  It was fixed!!  Whew, that would have been a disaster!!

Until the next day when I peeked at it about an hour before the surprise guests were to arrive....OMG, what a disaster this was!!  How would I fix this?  I wouldn't, I'd cry and explain that it was a perfect cake once it was put into the fridge the night before and this is what it looks like approx 1 hour before the party Wednesday night.....

Oh well at least it was delicious!!  It got an "EPIC FAIL" on appearance but on taste, it was given an A++!!

So that was my attempt to make my sweet nephew a perfect birthday cake....he is crazy enough to still think it was simply perfect in taste and LOOKS!!  Someone needs to talk with him!!  ROFL

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  1. Aunt Jeanne the reason this cake was so amazing was all the love you put into it, it had to burst out somewhere. This cake was absolutely delicious.
    Thank you for helping to make my first birthday back with my family, and my first with Katie just that special.